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We specialize in Metal Polishing, Custom Finishes, Metal Restoration, Onsite Polishing, Mechanical Commercial Polishing, Fabrication and Electropolishing services and more on all types of metals. Whether you have one part or hundreds of parts that need Metal Polishing services we can accommodate your needs. We have State of the Art Polishing Machinery and Techniques which can provide our Customers with Various Options with Superior results.


We can also Provide our Customers an Optional Emergency Service in the event of Emergencies and Downtime at an Extra cost. For Quality Workmanship, Competitive Pricing, with the Fastest Turn Around Times, call us at (908) 922-0355 in South Plainfield, NJ. We proudly serve companies such as Pharmaceutical, Breweries, Dairy Companies, Residential Clients, Commercial, Industrial, Churches, Private Individuals and much more.



More Than 25 Years of Experience

Our Services

  • Buffing
  • Grinding
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
  • Diamond Compound Polishing
  • Copper Polishing
  • Passivation
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Brass Polishing
  • Titanium Polishing
  • Electro-Polishing
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Aluminum Polishing
  • Carbide Polishing
  • Mechanical Metal Polishing

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Onsite Metal Polishing Mechanical Metal Polishing Emergency Service

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Industries We Serve

Customer Service

We thrive for customer satisfaction our goal is to be committed to our clients' needs and supply the highest quality workmanship guaranteed. 

Effective Operating Principles

Our mission and business philosophy is simple. We listen and take note of your needs, define our role, and visualize the solutions. This process allows us to implement flexible and effective processes to meet your requirements. 

Staying ahead of the curve is the key to success in today's business world. We make sure to keep our eye on changes and elevations in technology, as that is what keeps us current and your company competitive. We are the best stainless steel metal polishers in the area.

Our Finishes

We can supply you with an array of different metal finishes:


The # 3 Finish:

The Number 3 Metal Finish (60 RA) Known as Grinding, Roughing, or Rough Grinding. These finishes are course in nature and usually are a preliminary finish applied before manufacturing. It is course in appearance and applied by using a 36 to 100 grit abrasive.

The # 4 Architectural Finish:

The Number 4 Architectural Finish (45 RA) Also known as a brushed, directional or satin finish. A Number 4 Architectural Finish is characterized by fine polishing grit lines that are uniform and directional in appearance. It is produced by polishing the metal with a 120 to 180 grit belt and then softened with a special compound.

The # 4 Dairy or Sanitary Finish:

The Number 4 Finish (32 RA) This finish is used for some medical and food industries and almost used exclusively on stainless steel. This finish enhances the physical appearance of the metal as well as increases the sanitary benefits. It removes any surface defects in metal, like pits, that could allow bacteria to grow. A Number 4 Dairy or Sanitary finish is produced by polishing with a 180 to 240 grit belt.

The # 6 Finish:

The Number 6 Metal Finish (15-20 RA) Also known as a fine satin finish. This finish is produced by polishing with a 220 to 280 grit belt. Polishing lines will be soft less reflective than a Number 4 Architectural finish.

The # 7 Finish:

The Number 7 Metal Finish (12 RA) This is a smooth buff finish with a very bright appearance & light haze. The part is polished with a 280 to 320 grit belt. Then it is buffed with a color compound and cotton wheel. This is a good way to keep polish costs down when a part needs to be shiny but not flawless.

The # 8 Mirror Finish:

The Number 8 Mirror Finish (4-8 RA) Mirror Bright finish is a clear reflection. All surface defects are removed. This finish is produced by polishing with at least a 320 grit belt to achieve this special finish. The part is buffed and color buffed. The quality of this finish is dependent on the quality of the metal being polished. Stainless, copper, brass and aluminum look immaculate with our Number 8 Mirror Finish.

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