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A Cut Above Metals Finishing LLC

Surplus Equipment

At A Cut Above Metals, we also buy and sell Processing and Packaging Equipment. We cater to the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food and Chemical Industries. If you have any equipment for sale, or if you're looking to purchase any equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Equipment We Buy & Sell

  • V Blenders
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Bin Blenders
  • High Shear Granulators
  • Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Cappers
  • Spray Driers
  • Spray Coaters
  • Filling Line
  • Packaging Line
  • Tablet Counters
  • Capsule Sorters
  • Capsule Fillers
  • And More

Available for Immediate Delivery

  • New, Never Used GLATT 800 Litter Granulator 
  • New, Never Used Fitzpatrick Roller Compactor 
  • 250 Liter Bottom Driven Granulator 
  • 600 Liter Bottom Driven Granulator
  • 1200 Liter Collette High Shear Gral 1990 Year
  • 1200 Liter Collette High Shear Gral 2004 Year
  • 20 Cubic Foot PK V-Blender 
  • 40 Cubic Foot V-Blender
  • New, Never Used 5&25 litter SAAN Granulator Interchangeable Bowls
  • 60” Acela coater 
  • Index Capsule Filler k150i 
  • 1 Cubic Foot V-Blender 
  • IMA Precisa Capsule Sorter 
  • Lab Size Driacoater w/ Interchangeable Pans
  • GEA Nica E220 Extruder
  • 10 Cuft JDA V Blender 
  • Sanko MC101 Sachet Machine
  • Sanko FC1000 Stick-Pack Machines New & Used
  • GLATT FBD / Mini Glatt
  • Micro-Fluidizer M700 
  • Auto/Mate Inspection Center
  • New, Never Used Pharma-Pack Desiccant Inserter 
  • Omega Desiccant Inserter 
  • Lakso Cottoning Machine 
  • DCI 300 Liter Pressure Vessel
  • 60 Cubic Foot Gemco Double Cone Blender 
  • Capmatic Rotary Cappers Model: roadrunners A-6H
  • 225 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender (Jacketed)
  • New, Never Used Mettler Toledo Metal Detector
  • 10 Cubic Foot JDA Ribbon Blender 
  • 1 Cubic Foot PK V-Blender w/ Bar
  • Etc.

If you are interested in any of our surplus equipment and have any questions or need pictures and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.